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Best Regional Trucking Company in the Midwest

Looking for the best regional trucking company in the Midwest? At Jett Trucking, we provide you with fast, secure, and efficient freight and transport services in Kansas City, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri, and other areas of the Midwest at affordable prices.

The ability of our company to provide all kinds of transportation solutions has allowed us to meet the shipping requirements of the majority of exporters, importers, manufacturers, and other industries in the Midwest.

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We are a family-operated midwest-based refrigerated carrier based regional trucking company out of Olathe KS. We haul protein for some of the largest producers in the world. We operate a modern fleet of trucks and trailers equipped with some of the latest technology available to maintain driver, cargo, and public safety. We take a lot of pride in ensuring our customer’s freight is delivered safely, as well as on-time.
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What We Do

Based in Olathe Kansas, Jett Trucking has become the Midwest’s premier regional trucking company in the temperature-controlled freight industry by exceeding our customer’s service expectations. Jett Trucking operates a modern fleet of trucks and refrigerated trailers and is based in Olathe Kansas. Jett Trucking operates in the protein and food shipment space and serves the Midwest and Southwestern states.


The ultimate aim of our regional trucking company in the Midwest is to understand the needs of our clients and provide them a tailored made shipping solution—amalgamated with great customer service, competitive rates, and a proactive approach to meet your expectations.

Our well-maintained trucks can either have all-terrain or cranes attached trailers so that we can load and unload a wide range of products. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced staff members and drivers are fully capable of unloading some of the most difficult areas.


Jeff Trucking incorporates advanced technology combined with regional operational expertise to provide an efficient supply chain to businesses across the Midwest.

We have a comprehensive fleet of trucks manned by highly-trained and experienced industry professionals. We take pride in providing the best-in-class trucking service, no matter what the requirements. Our local trucking company has a reputation for providing you with time-adhering, cost-effective, and short-haul cartage services in the Midwest.


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